Pivoting to Online Teaching

This is the best time nursing faculty can try their hands exploring ways to start teaching online.

There is a plethora of new tools and technologies available out there and for someone who is just starting to get a grip on online teaching, it might seem intimidating at the best.

We bring you some simple tips and information you can find handy as you begin your journey. But before you begin, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  1. What is your aim and what are the learning objectives and assessment tasks you would like your participants to pick up at the end of your course?
  2. Technology is just an enabler and should be selected based on your objectives and comfort level.

With this, let us dive into the different types of engagement tools available out there, to name a few:

Online teaching

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Is Your Faculty Struggling To Assess The Skill-Gaps Among Your Students?

Are your students finding it difficult to practice procedure-skills on patients? 

Are you struggling to assess the skill-gaps among your students? 

Bodhi Health’s virtual simulation platform might just be the perfect solution for you to try out! All you require is an internet connection to access it in your web browser through laptop.

Students can work through the steps of each procedure interactively assisted by a narrator and a video. 

While the narrator highlights the procedure steps, important considerations and pitfalls, the video shows experts demonstrating the procedure! 

What more, you can also receive immediate feedback and score on completion.

And as if that is not enough there is also a Quiz to test theoretical knowledge in the end! 

It is like painting a clear mental picture of all steps you would do before having to do them in real life!  

So when your students would actually see a patient they would be like  ‘BRING IT ON’!

Perform and interpret an ECG

So what is inside this magical simulation box?

It includes more than 25 procedures covering basic and advanced Nursing skills such as:

  • Vitals assessment

  • Urinary catheterization

  • Injection administration 

  • NG tube insertion 

  • Eye and ear irrigation, medicine instillation 

  • Obtaining a 12 lead ECG, ECG interpretation

  • Venipuncture and venous cannulation

  • Skin prep for minor surgical procedures

  • Preparation for minor surgical procedures

  • Pediatric procedures such as pediatric assessment and vital signs

What are you waiting for?

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