Infection Control Practices

Course Description

Part – I of the Infection control includes following topics

1. Introduction to Infection Control

2. Standard & Isolation Precautions

3. Bio Medical Waste Management

4. Hand Washing

5. Decontamination Practices

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    Pre-course Assessment for Part 1 of Infection Control
    1. Pre-course Assessment

    Introduction to Infection Control
    1. This module will cover the various aspects of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI), risk factors and various sources of HAI. It will also discuss the common sites for HAI.

    Standard and Isolation Precautions
    1. The following module will discuss the various components of Standard and Transmission based precautions. It will also highlight the disease conditions where these should be utilized.

    Bio Medical Waste Management
    1. The module on Bio Medical Waste Management will discuss the key concepts of segregation of wastes, categorization, training and measures related to safety of staff. 

    Hand Washing
    1. Hand Washing module will elaborate on the relevance and indications of Hand washing. It will discuss in detail about the types and steps of Hand washing.

    Decontamination Practices
    1. The module will discuss the process of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization. It will briefly cover the recommended practices related to various patient care equipment.

    Post-course Assessment
    1. Post-course Assessment

    Part 2 of Infection Control
    Housekeeping Activities
    1. The following module covers the various aspects of Housekeeping including general cleaning practices, cleaning of ICUs, OT and management of different types of spills.

    Staff Health Activities
    1. Staff Health activities talks about the elements of infection control for staff, assessment of HIV post exposure prophylaxis, determining the exposure code and HIV status code. It also briefly discusses the PEP regimen to be followed.

    Aseptic practices
    1. This module highlight the key concept related to barrier nursing practices. It discusses the aseptic practices for procedures like giving injections, IV cannulation, arterial cannulation, catheterization, suctioning etc.

    Post assessment for Part 2 of Infection Control