Implementation of Bodhi’s SmartHire and Operation Theatre Assistant for Eye-Q India – a chain of super speciality eye care chain in India.


Eye-Q is today a chain of 44 super specialty eye hospitals with centers Nort and West India. It has recently extended its operations in Africa with a center in Lagos, Nigeria. Eye-Q performs 15,000 surgeries and 400,000 OPD annually. It is adding 2 centers every month and faces challenges of recruiting high-quality Operation Theatre Assistants and standardizing their skills across all centers.

Issue Solution
Screening and recruiting quality skilled OTA’s Bodhi’s competency based assessment platform to screen and hire quality OTA’s
High cost of upgrading & standardising skills across all centres Standardised, expert-led interactive, video based OTA course
Inability to measure competency level among staff Continuous assessment through out the course to monitor performance
Busy schedules and over-burdened OTA’s Learn anytime & anywhere through Bodhi’s mobile app.


  • 50% cost savings in training budget & staff time spent on training activities due to Bodhi’s platform
  • Reduction in medical errors by the OTA’s
  • The average score from pre to post assessments improved by more than 33%