Case study on Game based learning in Maternal and Child Health

Problem: Training labor room nurses and midwives working in remote areas in India to practice evidence-based skills in handling complicated cases of child-birth with an objective to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. 

Solution: Bodhi Health developed a Game simulating real-life cases of complications during child-birth. Participants had to solve each case by performing correct assessments, diagnosis and management of each case.

Alliance Partners: The Game was deployed under Project ASMAN (Alliance for saving mothers and newborns) in 2 Indian states for over 2000 healthcare providers.

Alliance Partner

Case Study game

  • Interactive design making learning fun and engaging 
  • Real-life cases improve ‘problem-solving’ skills, reinforces positive  behavior


  • Multilingual and adaptive with real-life scenarios
  • Leaderboard for healthy competition

Multiple use-cases of the product

Nurse playing ASMAN game

  • Pre-Service/In-Service, training activities
  • Assessments for workforce optimization
  • Job-Aid

Deep data analytics to personalise learning path for every participant

Dashboard report

  • Access to player data dashboard

Reach and Impact

   Reach and impact

Testimonial – It is changing the way clinicians are handling complications during childbirth

Testimonial 1


Awards and Recognition


Frontline of Health – Finalist 2018                       Most innovative startup 2018

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