Basic Dental Information

The beginner’s course for every dental professional to understand and learn the terminology and procedures used in a dental clinic/ office.

Introduction of the course This course has a comprehensive list of common dental terminology and terms you may hear or read as you work in dental clinic. All the important dental diseases & their progression are explained in detail. Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic  

Curriculum For This Course

This course gives information on all the basics of dentistry

All the members working together in the dental clinic or in laboratory to provide patient care will be introduced in this module.

Various dental specialists will be introduced in this module.

In this module, we will see how the dental assistant works in the dental clinic every day. The dental assistant should know how to handle new and old patients in dental practice.

This module emphasizes on the responsibilities of the valuable dental team member, dental assistant.

In this module, various structures present in the oral cavity are described with the help of diagrams and annotations.

This module teaches about the tooth structure with the help of diagrams and annotation.

The Types of teeth and their arrangement in the jaws are explained in detail in this important module

The various types of teeth and their use is described in this part in detail.

We will be learning about types of dentitions in humans in this module

Two most common dental diseases will be discussed in this module, which result in tooth damage and tooth loss i.e. Dental decay and Periodontal diseases.

The tooth numbering system is used to record information on the health of a patient's teeth and to efficiently share information with other oral health professionals. Different numbering systems are used for adult teeth and children's deciduous teeth. The Learner should know the tooth numbers for all the teeth for ease in communication.

Instructor Information

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