Chair side assistance

This course helps you to prepare yourself and become the best at chair side assistance.

Introduction of the course Assisting the dentist for carrying out procedures on patients is the role you will be performing when you become a chairside assistant. The day to day activities involves taking on responsibilities for providing tools and equipment to the dentists so that they are able to perform their duties well and operate without worrying. There are two main areas that you would learn about when you enroll for dental chairside assistant course:

  • Always being prepared with the right instruments laid out on the tray for the dentist to help him through a certain procedure
  • Comprehending the importance of dental procedures that are carried out by doctors in their clinic or hospitals.
Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic  

Curriculum For This Course

This module is about one of the most important duties of a dental assistant i.e Chair side assistance.

The various kinds of motions in dental clinic setup are described in this module and ways to conserve these motions.

In this module, we will discuss the role of proper patient positioning, operator/dentist, and dental assistant position while working efficiently on the patient.

in this module, the learner will be taught various tips and tricks for efficient Dental assistance.

The work area for the dentist is the patient's mouth and surrounding structures.The dental assistant should maintain clear operative field i.e keep the patient's mouth visible and free of saliva, debris etc by using various strategies and isolation techniques taught in this module.

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