Colostomy Care


Certain disease conditions may require surgical intervention
to create an opening into the abdominal wall for fecal elimination. This
opening is called a stoma.


At the end of the course the learner would be able to:

  • To understand
    purpose of performing colostomy
  • To develop skill in
    assessing the stoma & surrounding skin
  • To develop skill in
    performing colostomy care


Instructor: Ms. Jyoti, Associate Professor,
Government Medical College, Chandigarh

Facility: Maharishi Markandeshwar
University (MMU), Mullana, Ambala



    Definition: Colostomy is an operation in which an artificial opening is made into the colon on the anterior abdominal wall to permit the escape of faeces and flatus.  


    • To prevent leakage 

    • To prevent excoriation of skin and stoma

    • To observe the stoma and surrounding skin

    • To teach patient and relatives about care of stoma

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    Colostomy Care

    Colostomy Care - 9:13

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Maximum duration of video: 9:13
Total number of questions: 10

Course Instructors

Ms. Jyoti

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Course Overview

Maximum duration of video: 9:13
Total number of questions: 10

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