Common Dental Procedures

Looking to learn all the common dental procedures ? Take this course to up your clinical skills.

Introduction of the course This e-learning module through its various chapters will make you aware of the dental procedures that are performed commonly in an established dental practice. Each chapter contains a portion that tells about the role of dental assistant in that very dental procedure that enables the assistant to understand the chapter from his own perspective. The e-learning has been made interactive by incorporation of quiz either in between or at the end of each chapter. Instructors : Dr Abhinav Kathuria MDS, Dr. Shallu Khatri, BDS Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic  

Curriculum For This Course

This course discusses the following dental procedures, dental checkup, exam, filling, crown, bridge, extraction, root canal, dental implant, mouthguard, sealants, veneers.

By the end of this module, the learner will get a brief insight of: What is scaling & how can it be done. Benefits of scaling Consequences of delay in procedure of scaling. Role of dental assistant in scaling.

This module will teach the learner about the following , What is extraction & what are its indications, Types of extraction procedures, Consequences of delayed extraction, Role of dental assistant in extraction procedure.

This module discusses the following: What is filling & what are its indications Various tooth filling materials/cements available in the market Steps in filling of tooth Various instruments used in filling of tooth Consequences of delayed filling of decaying tooth. Role of dental assistant in filling of tooth

This module covers the following: How does pulp of tooth gets infected. Various steps in root canal therapy. Consequences of delayed RCT Role of dental assistant in root canal therapy

The module covers the following : What is a dental cap & why is it required. Various types of dental caps available in market. Steps involved in fabrication of permanent crown. Consequences of delayed placement of crown Role of dental assistant in placement of dental cap

By the end of this module, the learner will get a brief insight of: What is a denture & what are its various types Steps involved in making of a removable complete denture. Various dental materials used in fabrication of a complete denture. Benefits of placement of dentures. Consequences of delayed denture placement Role of dental assistant in fabrication of dentures.

This module covers: What is an implant & what all benefits does it provide over other alternatives. Parts of dental implant. Procedure of placement of dental implant. Role of dental assistant in placement of dental implant.

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