Dental Equipment and Instruments


This course will act as a brief guide to help you understand basic dental tools. Dental instruments are tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. They include tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures. Standardinstruments are the instruments used to examine, restore and extract teeth and manipulate tissues.

Instructors: Dr. Abhinav Kathuria, MDS; Dr. Ravneet Lamba, MDS & Dr. Shallu Khatri, BDS

Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic



    Learners will be provided with the basic knowledge and practical experience needed to recognize and use various dental instruments & equipments including:   chairs, lights, compressors, x-ray, polymer units, ultrasonic scalers & all dental instruments used in various dental procedures

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    Module 1: Dental Chair

    In this e-Learning module, Dr. Ravneet explains the most important equipment in the dental clinic - the Dental chair. The module is divided into five sections and covers the important parts of the dental chair and its maintenance. The module also elaborates the responsibilities of the dental assistant during dental procedures and the way to use and clean different parts of the dental chair.

     At the completion of this module the learner will know:

    •  Parts of the Dental chair and its uses.
    •  Duties of the dental assistant in the cleaning and maintenance of Dental chair.

    Parts and Types of Dental Chair - 4:03
    Uses of various parts of Dental chair - 7:49
    Demonstration of parts of Dental chair-1 - 5:46
    Demonstration of parts of Dental chair-2 - 7:58
    Additional accessories of Dental chair - 2:15
    Preventive care and chair maintenance (General) - 2:01
    Preventive care and chair maintenance (Specific) - 4:32

    Module 2: Dental Instruments

    This module will introduce you to various dental instruments. This module is divided into various sections. Each section will cover different aspects of dental instruments. 

    Basic Examination Instruments
    Basic Examination Diagnostic Instruments Tray setup - 8:08
    Impression trays - 6:17
    Instruments for Scaling - Cleaning of teeth
    Instruments for Filling of teeth
    Instruments for Cleaning and Shaping of Tooth cavity - 3:10
    Instruments for Composite Filling
    Composite Filling Instruments - 5:07
    Instruments for GIC and Amalgam Filling
    GIC Filling Instruments - 1:33
    Amalgam filling Instruments - 3:18
    Instruments for Root Canal Treatment(RCT)
    Root canal Treatment Instruments - 5:13
    Instruments for Extraction of teeth
    Extraction Instruments - 7:18
    Instruments for Surgical Tooth Extraction
    Instruments for Complete Denture Fabrication
    Instruments for Dental Crown - Cap

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Maximum duration of video: 1:14:28
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