Dental Ergonomics- Part 1

India’s only certificate course on Dental Ergonomics offered jointly by Bodhi Health Education and Indian Society Of Ergonomics. This eLearning course is a must for dental professionals and students to better their professional life longevity.

Introduction of the course Musculoskeletal pain develops when clinicians practice dentistry with less than optimal postures; twisting and bending the neck and torso, compressing the spine, using muscles and joints inefficiently.   This is the reason why there is such a high incidence of work-related chronic pain in the dental profession. Ignorance prevails in the profession as the education system in dental colleges misses out on one of the most important keys to success in promoting healthy dental career i.e. dental ergonomics enabling the dentist to work comfortably, stress-free in a painless & healthy way. How the operator sits on a stool and bends over the chair is as important as the stool and chair design. The way instruments are held is as important as the design of the instrument. Hence awareness on Dental Ergonomics is the need of the hour.   Educators Dr. Abhinav Kathuria (MDS) Dr. Ravneet Kaur (MDS) Dr. Ritika Garg (BDS)    

Curriculum For This Course

This course aims to teach the following : Practice dentistry pain-free, Maintaining Neutral working posture, Reduce potential for overexertion injury, Train dentists to perform chairside exercises in between appointments, Arranging dental stool and dental chair optimally and Ergonomic Instrument & Equipment selection.

This module is an introduction to various musculoskeletal disorders & their prevalence among dental professionals.

In this module, we will discuss what are the causes that lead to CTD's, its warning signs and symptoms.

This module incorporates various static postures in which dentists work and accounts for the risk factors leading to trauma in dentistry.

In this module, we will be discussing in detail the classification of motions to deliver patient care and stating which motions should be prohibited in order to maintain balanced seated posture.

In this module, optimal seating posture, positioning of operatory and easy chairside 15-20 seconds stretches are described.

This module Introduces , what are the factors that cause pain in back of a working dental professional, description of various seating postures that cause muscle imbalances and keys to prevention of low back pains.

This module deals with describing what causes pain in hand with continuous working, amount of flexion of wrist for optimal working, type of instruments that should be used while operating and working postures.

This module describes various disorders leading from pain in neck and shoulders, working postures that lead to increase in stress in neck and shoulder muscles causing trigger points and then addressing strategies to prevent and reduce neck and shoulder pains.

In this module we will discuss short and simple exercises along with yoga which will prove beneficial against the chronic pains which developed due to years of dysfunctional postures and movements in dentistry.

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