Dental Materials and Lab Work


In this module, we will learn about various dental materials & lab work that an assistant should be aware of. This module covers various key topics like

  • Impression trays
  • Dental cements : Types & Manipulation
  • Impression materials: Types & Manipulation
  • Gypsum products: Types & Manipulation
  • Disinfection of dental impression & Fabrication of dental cast

Instructors: Dr. Abhinav Kathuria, MDS; Dr. Ravneet Lamba, MDS & Dr. Shallu Khatri, BDS

Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic



    There are dental materials designed to be key components in every type of dental procedure.
    The course includes following topics:

    Pre Quiz

    General Terms

    This chapter will make you learn various general dental terms that are used in daily practice in a dental office & an assistant should be aware of

    General Terms - 4:04

    Impression Trays

    Impression making is an important dental procedure which is itself incomplete without impression trays. This chapter will give you a brief insight of:

    • Parts of impression trays
    • Types of impression trays
    • Uses of each type of tray. 

    Impression Trays - 3:02
    Impression Trays - 6:17

    Dental Cements

    A dental cement is a multi-purpose dental material handling of which is one of the important tasks for a dental assistant in a dental clinic. This chapter tells about uses of dental cements & discuss in brief commonly used dental cements inside the dental office.

    Dental Cements - 7:06
    Mixing of Dental cement - Glass Ionomer cement - 7:23

    Impression Materials

    Yet another dental material of prime importance which is used almost every day in a dental setup. This e-learning video describing properties of commonly used impression materials will enable the learner to mix & handle various impression materials.

    Impression Materials - 8:47

    Gypsum Products

    This class of dental materials is derived from gypsum & are used for wide range of purposes. Few of them are- to make study models & casts, to make dies or to attach casts to an articulator. This video gives insight of properties of various gypsum products & special care to be taken during their handling.

    Gypsum Products - 4:55

    Impression making

    A separate chapter has been dedicated just to impression making where each step of fabrication of dental impression is explained in detail & a special note has been added to handling of Alginate impression material.

    Impression making - 4:23

    Mixing of Dental impression material - Alginate

    In this important chapter on materials, Dr. Abhinav through a demonstrative video explains the procedure for mixing alginate used to take the measurement of teeth. The dental assistant is being taught the figure of eight motion of mixing.

    Mixing of Dental impression material - Alginate - 4:58

    Alginate Impression making and Disinfection

    Fabrication of the dental cast

    Fabrication of the dental cast is the mostly the first step of any treatment procedure. Through this chapter the learner will learn about parts of cast & various steps involved in fabrication of dental cast.

    Fabrication of the dental cast - 3:13

    Disinfection of Dental impression

    Disinfection is defined as the process of cleaning something, especially with a chemical, in order to destroy bacteria. We disinfect our impressions so that we don’t contact any disease from saliva of patient which is present on the impression. Disinfection thus becomes one of the tasks of priority that are assigned to a dental assistant. By the end of this chapter, the learner will get a brief insight of:

    • What is disinfection & why is it important
    • Commonly used disinfectants
    • Methods of disinfection of dental impressions
    • Precautions to be taken while disinfection
    • Universal precautions to be taken while handling impressions

    Disinfection of Dental impression - 2:49

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