Infection Control Skills

Safe and efficient health care depends on skills adopted in controlling infections in hospital settings.

Introduction of the course

This course on Hand washing will enable nurses to understand the importance of hand washing in health care settings to prevent infection.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand the concepts related to hand washing
  • Explain the types of hand washing
  • Demonstrate the procedure of hand washing
  • Distinguish between the myths and facts of hand washing
Facility: Park Hospital, Gurgaon

Curriculum For This Course

Infection prevention and control is fundamental in improving the safety and quality of care provided to patients and is everyone's responsibility. It is vital that all staff have the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills in order to continue to improve the overall safety and quality of patient care.

Hand washing is one of the most important infection control measure to address healthcare associated infections.

This video demonstrates the procedure of maintaining hand hygiene using soap and water.
This video demonstrate the procedure of maintaining hand hygiene using water less alcohol based hand rub.
This video demonstrates the method of performing surgical hand washing by a health care provider before performing a surgical procedure.

This part of the video on sterile gloving and gowning deals with the skill for donning sterile gloves using open, closed technique and with the help of scrubbed person.
This part of the video on sterile gloving and gowning deals with the procedure of wearing a surgical gown using three different techniques.

The module deals with the following topics:

  • Introduction to PPEs
  • Sequence of using PPEs
  • Demonstration on donning and removal of PPEs

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