Orthodontics Level 1

This course gives an introduction to the basics of orthodontics. It is ideal for dental students and  practicing professionals alike.

Introduction of the course This module on Orthodontics is a comprehensive course for the undergraduate BDS students to learn the basic theoretical & clinical aspects of the specialty.  In level 1, the introduction to orthodontic treatment, etiology and classification, instruments & appliances, preventive & interceptive orthodontic treatment options have been covered. The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand Orthodontic specialty
  • Plan the treatment for orthodontic patients
  • Aid in Diagnosis & Treatment planning
  • Classifying Malocclusion
  • Identify the orthodontic Instruments & appliances
  • Prevent & Intercept malocclusion
  • Identify abnormal oral habits in growing children & correcting them
Instructor: Dr. Ravneet kaur, MDS, Orthodontics. Dr. Ritika, BDS

Curriculum For This Course

This module is an Introduction to Andrews 6 keys to Normal Occlusion.

This module will introduce the learner to malocclusion in a broad spectrum with emphasis on Angle's classification of malocclusion.

In this module, we will learn about various Instruments unique to Orthodontic specialty like

Banding Instruments

Bonding Instruments

Wire placement Instruments

Wire Cutting Instruments

Debonding Instruments

Record making appointment is usually the first step in Orthodontic treatment. Diagnostic records play an important role in diagnosis & treatment planning of the case. Essential diagnostic aids like OPG, study models & photographs will be discussed in this lecture.

In this module, we will learn about the harmful habits that cause malocclusion. This will help dentists have a better understanding of when and how to treat abnormal habits.

This module includes:

  • Causes of tongue thrust
  • Clinical features of tongue thrust habit
  • Types of tongue thrust habit
  • Treatment modality

This module includes

  • Various causes of digit sucking habit will be discussed
  • Clinical features of digit sucking habit
  • How to determine if the child is suffering from this habit

In this module, learner will understand how mouth breathing occurs and how the swallowing pattern changes., description of intra oral and extra oral features of effects of mouth breathing.

In this module we will discuss:

  • Clinical features of Lip biting
  • Treatment modality.

In this module, we will discuss various exercises and treatment modalities to correct abnormal habits.

This module will introduce you to the classification of removable appliance system, limitations, and advantages of the removable appliance.

This module explains the types and users of space maintainers used by the orthodontists for treating patients.

In this module, we will discuss the tray setup for bracket placement.

In this module, we will see how the Orthodontic wire is placed on brackets.

This module will include:

This module comprehneively covers technique Of Wire Removal From Brackets

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