Sterilization, Infection Control and Radiography


This course in sterilization and disinfection of contaminated instruments is designed for all dental personnel who handle instruments in a clinical setting. The course includes a step-by-step review of proper clinical technique to be proficient in the instrument handling process during the sterilization process & radiographic techniques in dental clinic.

The viewer will see and hear examples of the methods for cleaning and sterilization.

Instructors: Dr. Abhinav Kathuria, MDS, Gurneet Kaur Khera.

Facility Credits: Gums & Braces Dental Clinic



    The course includes emphasis on PPE or Personal Protection Equipment for dental staff to keep proper compliance with OSHA standards

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    Hand Washing

    Hand washing is one of the most important infection control measure to address healthcare associated infections.

    The module deals with the following topics:

    Social Hand Washing(Demonstration) - 3:18
    Antiseptic hand washing - 1:53
    Surgical Hand Washing - 3:44

    Sterile Gloving

    Sterile glovingPerforming a surgical hand scrub, applying sterile gloves, and preparing a sterile field are ways to prevent and minimize infection during surgeries or invasive procedures.

    This part of the video on sterile gloving and gowning deals with the skill for donning sterile gloves using open, closed technique and with the help of scrubbed person.

    Sterile Gloving - 3:56

    Sterile Gowning

    Sterile gowningThe process of scrubbing, gowning and gloving is one that all members of the surgical team must complete before each operation.

    This part of the video on sterile gloving and gowning deals with the procedure of wearing a surgical gown using three different techniques.

    Sterile Gowning - 3:37

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal Protective Equipment – known as 'PPE' – is used to protect health care workers while performing specific tasks that might involve them coming into contact with blood or body fluids that may contain some infectious agents (germs).

     The module deals with the following topics:

    • Introduction to PPEs
    • Sequence of using PPEs
    • Demonstration on donning and removal of PPEs

    Personal Protective Equipment - 5:55

    Module 3: Radiographic Techniques In Dentistry

    Positioner System For Radiographs - 10:14
    How to take RVG with positioners - 2:29
    Bisecting Angle Technique - 3:01

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Maximum duration of video: 43:43
Total number of questions: 0

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