How it works?

A three step process to assess the training needs of your workforce

We work with the HR and L&D to identify the competencies and protocols required in various job-roles for your organisation to succeed

Based on the competencies, we conduct an in-depth online OSCE based training need assessment of the staff.

Equipped with this data, Bodhi recommends personalised learning paths for every individual participant.

Case Study

How can you put your assessment data to work?


The Problem

  • Identify the skill & competency-gap among the staff before designing the training programs
  • Identify the high-performing candidates from the average and focus on their retention
  • Allocate or rotate staff in wards based on their competencies


Bodhi Solution

  • Training need assessment done for a large JCI accredited chain of hospital with 31 facilities spread throughout the country
  • Bodhi worked with the nursing leaders to determine the critical areas, competencies and cultural aspects that were most important for patient care.
  • Cohort size of 10% of junior and senior nursing staff was picked up randomly across all the 31 hospitals. 239 junior nurses and 131 senior nurses participated in a 45-minute adaptive skill assessment test on Bodhi’s online platform.



  • Majority of the nurses scored below 60% in terms of overall score
  • There was significant variation in skills and knowledge across the group
  • The results highlighted some very prominent and specific areas that needed improvement

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